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A Blog for Parents, by Parents 

This is a blog comment hosting and social networking site for parents to share in an online community of families and caregivers with lived experience.  You will be able to login with a Disqus account, or using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account, or you can comment as a 'Guest'.

COMMUNITY GUIDELINES: Avoid posting private information such as your full name, phone number or address. If you wish for someone to contact you, send a private message to .   Please be respectful of others in this community. We are all unique and have varying opinions and experiences, but we do not allow personal attacks, insults or obscenities.

Our objective is to foster a community of parents sharing advice and support in a friendly, inclusive environment. Unfortunately, in some very rare cases, we come across an individual or situation that we feel takes away from the goals of the community. To protect the interests of the community, we reserve the right to: Delete/edit messages, Ban/suspend users at our discretion and Ban accounts



Our kids’ problems can their ability to solve them!
By Victoria Keddis; Parent Facilitator for The FRIENDS Parent Program As I parent, I always hoped that with age and different stages – the challenges would be less frequent. I...Read more
Remembering the Value of Support Teams
By Robin Brown; FRIENDS Parent Program Manager and Parent Facilitator When my children were younger and beginning to attend group activities away from home, I found it much easier to...Read more
A little-discussed aspect of childhood anxiety
By Monica Kriese; Parent Facilitator for The FRIENDS Parent Program A little-discussed aspect of childhood anxiety is this: It can make you feel helpless as a parent. So many times...Read more
Choosing a Happy Christmas, Over a Perfect Christmas
By Victoria Keddis; Parent Facilitator for The FRIENDS Parent Program As another holiday season approaches and I reflect back over the years, I recall far too many tears during the...Read more
How I Taught my son relaxation techniques at bedtime
By Lisa Tate; FRIENDS Parent Facilitator My son has anxiety and every night when he was young, it was a struggle for him and for me, to get him off...Read more