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About Anxiety and the BC FRIENDS Program



 In this video, a parent facilitator with the BC FRIENDS Parent Program demonstrates how to navigate the online Child-Youth website and how to get started with the FRIENDS skills at home.  You will get an overview of anxiety, the BC FRIENDS Program, the partnership between the Ministry of Children and Family Development and The FORCE, facts about using FRIENDS at home, and about many of our videos, parent resources and tips that can be used at home with your entire family.

You’ll also learn about our e-news, parent blog where you can connect with other parents and share skills and resources that are helpful to children who feel anxious.  Watch the video to learn how to navigate the website and get started using FRIENDS skills at home. 


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FRIENDS is an evidence-based, anxiety prevention and resiliency program for children and youth that is delivered by teachers to students in the classroom. In BC, there are 3 program levels; Fun FRIENDS for Kindergarten and grade 1 students , FRIENDS for Children for grade 4 and 5 students, and FRIENDS For Youth for grades 6 and 7 students.

FRIENDS teaches children important life skills such as identifying feelings, how to relax, how to think in helpful ways, how to face fears, how to problem solve, and much more. The Ministry of Children and Family Development funds and coordinates this school-based program, providing teacher trainings and classroom program materials.

In this section, you can learn more about resiliency and anxiety in children, and how the FRIENDS program uses the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (or "CBT") to help children learn and practice new coping and problem-solving skills.

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. However, some children can experience problematic levels of anxiety that can interfere with daily life. The FRIENDS Program is called an "anxiety prevention program" because it teaches all children strategies to help cope with feelings of anxiety effectively and early, before anxiety problems can develop. 

Social and Emotional Learning (or “SEL”) is a term that teachers and educators use to describe the skills that children can learn at school to promote emotional health, positive relationships, care and concern for others, and making safe choices and responsible decisions. (SEL) is a process for learning to recognize and manage emotions, develop empathy, maintain positive relationships, set and meet goals, and make responsible decisions.  It accepts that learning happens best when it is challenging, meaningful, and supported within positive relationships.

Parents want their children to grow into emotionally healthy and resilient adults. FRIENDS helps to 'plant the seeds' of resiliency and anxiety-management skills early on, so children can continue to practice these skills whenever challenging or scary situations arise in the future. These are skills for life!

For more information about BC FRIENDS Resources, FAQ's, and/or to view our downloadable library,  click here