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Step E

The fourth step of the FRIENDS Program is "E" (Explore Solutions & Coping Step Plans)


In Step E, children learn that even when problems or challenges seem overwhelming, we can break things down into manageable steps, making them less overwhelming.   Having people alongside us to support our efforts each step of the way can be helpful.

First, children identify a personal goal they want to achieve and/or a fear they want to overcome, and they then have the opportunity to practice the first problem-solving plan, called a Coping Step Plan. In this plan, children learn how to break their goal (or fear) down into small steps, making it more manageable.

The second plan they learn is called the Six-Block (or Stage) Problem Solving Plan.  This plan involves brainstorming multiple solutions first, before jumping in with the first idea or plan of action that comes to mind.  Then, they learn how to reflect on the pros and cons of their course of action.

Finally, children also spend time in this step identifying the people in their lives who they admire, and who can provide support or help them to solve problems.  These people are called Role Models and Support Teams.


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