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Step I

The third step of the FRIENDS program is "I" (Inner Helpful Thoughts/I Can Do It!)


In this step, children learn about how powerful their 'self talk' can be, and how it can greatly impact how they feel and behave. In this step, children are taught to pay attention to things that will help them feel better, and to remember to tell themselves things that are encouraging and helpful in challenging situations. This is called Attention Training

Next, children learn that they can choose to tell themselves more encouraging and realistic things about difficult situations. After all, what we think about affects how we feel, so one way children can feel better is to think of things that make them feel more calm, confident, and hopeful (called 'green thoughts'). When children tell themselves negative, unrealistic things (red thoughts), this can make them not feel good about themselves.  Click here to find out more about RED Thoughts and GREEN Thoughts.

Of course everyone has red thoughts, but the main idea is to be able to catch them when the pop up and question whether they are fair, and/or realistic.  Children are encouraged to Challenge Red Thoughts so they can be replaced with green thoughts.


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